The former core developer of the anonymous coin project Grin tested a Grin ASIC mining machine and mined three blocks

Gary, the former core developer of the anonymous coin project Grin, said that he borrowed a Grin ASIC mining machine G1 miner and conducted a test run. The size of this Grin miner is approximately 44cm x 20cm x 35cm, which is similar to a desktop computer. The weight of the box including the attached power adapter is approximately 20 kg. Three blocks (819660, 820461, 820801) were dug up in less than 24 hours. A total of 180 Grin will be awarded for block production. However, Gary said that because mining at home in order to control noise, the maximum speed of the cooling fan is limited to 30%. If the fan is adjusted to the maximum power, the efficiency of the mining machine will be higher. According to the chain, on May 31, the mining machine manufacturer Zhejiang Microcomputer Technology issued an announcement stating that the Grin mining machine has been developed and tested successfully and started mass production. In addition, Microcomputer Technology has simultaneously completed the silicon verification of the second-generation Grin ASIC chip, which has achieved several times the energy efficiency ratio. It is expected to be officially released and produced in 2021 after the supply chain capacity is upgraded.