Resilient blockchain network SKALE Network has over 40 Ethereum ecosystem partners

SKALE Labs, the core team behind the flexible blockchain network SKALE Network (SKL), announced the panorama of its more than 40 ecosystem partners in Ethereum, including validators, data/browser, decentralized storage, oracles, and development There are nine categories of user tools, blockchain API connector, wallet and identity verification, protocol, and Dapp. At the same time, it was announced to join the SKALE Innovator program, and Dapp is being built on the platform. As noted by the chain, SKALE Network is a flexible blockchain network, and developers can configure a fully decentralized chain compatible with Ethereum. SKALE (SKL) will sell tokens through a Dutch auction on the Activate platform at 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on August 17th. The auction will last for three days. The SKALE mainnet was launched on June 30th.