AntChain takes the lead in formulating the P3205 cross-chain international standard, which has been verified for applicability

AntChain proposed the P3205 “Cross-Chain Interoperability” standard project proposal and initiated the formulation of related international standards. The P3205 standard can provide a unified data format for different types of blockchains, so that blockchains that speak different “dialects” can use “standard Mandarin” for cross-chain interaction. In addition, a credible and safe data transmission channel has been established to allow businesses to exchange value flexibly in the value Internet composed of blockchains, and the cross-chain full link is credible, traceable, safe and controllable. The P3205 protocol was proposed by Ant Group and became an international standard recognized by IEEE, the world’s largest non-profit professional technical organization. This design has also been verified for applicability in Ant’s multi-generation blockchain products and Hyperledger Fabric products.