Blockchain development tool provider Alchemy officially opens its blockchain development platform

After more than two years of closed testing, the blockchain development tool provider Alchemy announced the official opening of its blockchain development platform, which is now available to all developers. At present, the Alchemy blockchain development platform provides four main products, namely Alchemy super node, blockchain application monitoring product Alchemy Monitor, blockchain development kit product Alchemy Build, transaction and event real-time notification function Alchemy Notify. According to the chain, Alchemy said that the platform currently provides blockchain infrastructure and development tools, supporting on-chain transactions worth more than US$7.8 billion, 70% of the top Ethereum applications, and about 60% of assets locked in DeFi. (I.e. US$2.8 billion). In addition, Alchemy supports 4 million users every year. Since its establishment, Alchemy has been in the closed beta phase. Its customers include a series of well-known ecosystem projects and startups, including Maker, Aave, Bacor, 0x, Kyber, dYdX, Augur, Circle, MyEtherWallet, Dharma, Shapeshift, Dapper Labs (Cryptokitties) and Splunk. Alchemy investors include founders, executives and leading institutions in the technology industry, including Stanford University, Google, Facebook, Charles Schwab, Coinbase, PayPal, smart workspace Dropbox, and the New York Stock Exchange ( NYSE), Thomson Reuters (Thomson Reuters) and Pantera.