Yam Finance launched the token distribution 8 hours after the liquidity miners injected assets exceeded 200 million US dollars

DeFi project Yam Finance (YAM) 8 hours after the start of token distribution, the value of assets locked in its pledge pool exceeded US$200 million, reaching US$208,347,055. In addition, as of now, the YAM token price is 97.58 US dollars, while the initial price set by Yam is 1 US dollar. Chain News previously reported that Yam Finance conducted the first token distribution at 3 AM today, and evenly distributed 2 million initial tokens to 8 pledge pools, each with 250,000 tokens, and the initial token distribution will last for 7 days . After 7 days, Yam will use the YAM / yCRV Uniswap fund pool for a second distribution (3 million in total), 1.5 million will be distributed in the first week, and a 50% decrease every week thereafter.