Three companies including Korea Information and Communication applied to the Patent Office for trademarks containing virtual currency exchange

According to IT Chosun, Korea Information and Communication Corporation (KICC) applied for the trademark “EASYCMS” to the Patent Office, aiming to provide enterprise-level fund management services. The trademark application content includes ATM banking, virtual currency intermediary and exchange business, virtual currency intermediary, international finance, credit card payment processing, bank funds transfer, etc. The relevant person of the Korean Information and Communication Corporation explained that the patent is still in the application stage. In addition, the Korean Internet giant Kakao’s taxi-hailing business Kakao Mobility’s trademark description of its service points “T Point” in June also included virtual currency trading software and virtual currency trading brokers. Coincidentally, GS RETAIL, a large-scale convenience store chain supplier and seller in South Korea, also included virtual currency intermediaries in the trademark description column for community distribution services applied for in June. However, Kakao Mobility and GS RETAIL both pointed out that in response to changes in settlement methods, virtual currency has been added to the formulation of goods, but there is no plan to include virtual currency in their services. Links note that Korea Information and Communication Corporation is a value-added network communication company that specializes in providing credit card terminals, and also provides services such as IC cards and new communication services.