OKEx will open ANT/USDT, ANT/BTC trading on August 14

OKEx will soon launch the Aragon token ANT, a decentralized autonomous organization platform, and will open ANT/USDT and ANT/BTC transactions on August 14. The recharge service is now open. Chain Wen noted that Aragon is a DApp on the Ethereum blockchain that can create and manage any organization. Aragon Network is a digital management organization controlled by tokens. Its on-chain organization will be built using Aragon Core. It consists of a Solidity language decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and a web-side DApp. ANT is the native token of Aragon Network. It is mainly used to manage the Aragon network and mortgage the Aragon network membership agreement. Currently, the total issuance of ANT is 39,609,524, and the total circulation is 32,480,881.