Curve has allocated 5% of the tokens through the initial pre-mining activity, and the top-ranked address has received more than 21% of the reward

The DeFi project Curve has completed the initial pre-launch of its governance tokens. A total of about 9,000 addresses participated in this event. The official number of tokens participating in the event has increased from 3% of the total supply of 3.03 billion to 5 %, that is, 151.5 million CRV tokens were shared in this event. With the increase in rewards for this event, the number of tokens allocated to liquidity providers (LP) has also increased from 61% to 62% (1.8786 billion), and these tokens will be locked for one year. The number one giant whale address in this initial pre-mining reward accounted for 21.07% of the total. In addition, 19 giant whale addresses received about 1 million tokens, and most addresses only received a small amount of remaining CRV. According to Curve’s official website, CRV has not yet been officially launched, and the page currently provided is only to show participants the rewards they have received. According to previous reports from Chain News, Curve plans to launch CRV governance tokens and the decentralized autonomous organization CurveDAO. According to Curve, CurveDAO is created based on the Aragon framework, a decentralized autonomous platform. CRV is an ERC20 token, which will be distributed through liquidity mining. Curve distributes 2 million CRVs every day, accounting for approximately 0.06% of the total supply. CRV governance tokens are expected to be launched in the next few weeks. Chain Wen noted that Curve is a liquidity aggregation protocol that focuses on stablecoin and Bitcoin-anchored currency transactions.