BitMEX CEO participated in YAM liquidity mining, YAM pledge pool funds have exceeded 380 million US dollars

Cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX CEO and co-founder Arthur Hayes announced that he has become a liquid mining user and expressed his optimism about the DeFi field, which will help the bull market. According to the Twitter image, his current liquidity mining project is Yam Finance (YAM). The chain news query found that as of now, the value of assets locked in its pledge pool has exceeded 380 million US dollars. The YAM token price is US$96.79, and Yam initially set a price of US$1 each. Chain News previously reported that Yam Finance conducted the first token distribution at 3 AM today, and evenly distributed 2 million initial tokens to 8 pledge pools, each with 250,000 tokens, and the initial token distribution will last for 7 days . At 3 o’clock in the morning on August 13, Yam will make a second distribution (3 million in total) through the YAM / yCRV Uniswap fund pool. 1.5 million will be distributed in the first week, and a 50% decrease every week thereafter.