LedgerPrime Managing Partner: Options will be relatively expensive on regulated exchanges with higher collateral requirements

Shiliang Tang, managing partner and chief investment officer of LedgerPrime, a quantitative digital asset hedge fund, said in the “Crypto Tonight” event that some unregulated options are more like offshore options. The financial efficiency of trading on Deribit is almost five to ten times that of other platforms. Therefore, when looking at the specific option price, it may be in the tail or where the funds are located. Generally speaking, the price of these options on regulated exchanges with higher collateral requirements is always much higher, just because Too far ahead for market makers. Option prices on regulated exchanges can be very different from those on Deribit exchanges. This is mainly determined by supervision. In addition, the type of cost and market maker will also affect the market, because it becomes a game of cost and capital. As long as you get cheaper capital, you can take advantage of this advantage. Lianwen Note: “Crypto Tonight” is a talk show jointly launched by Winkrypto, Lianwen, and Yama. This event invited four guests Shaun Fernando, Leo Wang, Shiliang Tang, and George Cao to “the mysterious world of crypto derivatives”. “. The live video can be viewed at “”.