Former community operations employee sues Binance, saying Binance confiscates $ 300,000 in cryptocurrency

Former community operations employee Steven Reynolds has filed a lawsuit against Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange, claiming that Binance confiscated $ 300,000 of his cryptocurrency. Reynolds states that he worked for Binance from July to December 2017, helping Binance handle online communications with English-speaking customers, including community operations and media channels. But after a quarrel in the Telegram group he managed, Binance confiscated his funds. Reynolds said his salary was paid in Binance’s platform coin BNB. In response to the allegation, Binance responded that Reynolds started as a community volunteer and later officially became a community organizer in September. Later, in December, after confirming the relationship between the two parties, as part of the process, Binance asked Reynolds to transfer control of the chat and community administrators. Stated issues.