DeFi one-stop app Zerion acquires revenue tracking management service MyDeFi

DeFi One-Stop Application Zerion announced the acquisition of DeFi revenue tracking management service MyDeFi. Created by Baptiste Grève in September 2019, MyDeFi is designed to provide DeFi users with a way to easily view the current portfolio balances across multiple protocols, and currently supports multiples including TokenSets, Compound, Maker, dYdX, Synthetix, and Augur Agreement, Zerion states that after the acquisition, Zerion and MyDeFi will operate independently, and MyDeFi will be added to support more protocols in the future, including Aave, Curve and In December 2019, Lianwen reported that Zerion announced the completion of a USD 2 million seed round financing led by Placeholder, with participants including Blockchain Ventures and Gnosis. This round of financing will be used to accelerate product development and increase support for more DeFi services. Zerion integrates trading, lending, loan, and investment functions. Users can trade assets through Uniswap in the app, borrow through Maker, and borrow through Compound v2. In addition, Zerion’s cross-border payment platform Wyre and cross-bank transfer platform Plaid’s integration products won awards at the Y Combinator hackathon.