Bitpie will provide 1: 1 exchange and transfer services of stablecoin assets such as USDT on Ethereum to the Nervos CKB network

Bitpie announced that it will provide a 1: 1 cross-chain transfer service of stablecoin assets such as USDT on Ethereum to stablecoin assets such as USDT on Nervos CKB in the second quarter, and support network transaction fee-free transfer of this mapping asset process, and Ether Fang and Nervos CKB lock and map the asset’s asset certificate and publicize the asset address. The product is planned to complete the cross-chain asset transfer function in the second quarter of 2020 and the asset audit and publicity function in the third quarter. At present, the corresponding research and development work has been started. According to, Bitpie is the world’s leading multi-chain wallet. It is committed to providing users with secure and convenient digital asset storage and blockchain application services. Nervos CKB is a multi-asset value storage public chain. The two parties reached a strategy early. Cooperation.