OKLink Ethereum browser launched, supports ETH and ERC20 Token information query

OKLink released the Ethereum blockchain browser, which supports ETH and ERC20 Token information query, and continues the functions of real-time monitoring of data on the OKLink browser chain. The official website information shows that the homepage of the OKLink Ethereum browser displays data such as the entire network’s computing power, difficulty, and recommended gas costs, and adds professional data sections such as mining pool rankings and token lists, showing in detail that each mining pool’s explosion blocks account for various time periods Ratio, and added real-time and estimated mining pool rankings. In addition, OKLink also added a large transaction display section to provide some reference data for user investment. OKLink Blockchain Browser is an information service application created by the world’s first blockchain big data listed company. It aims to present fast, accurate and comprehensive on-chain data and provide users with professional and personalized data analysis services.