Media: Bitmain’s Ant Miner releases new version of overclocking firmware, or involves unfair competition

According to the new news of the blockchain media coin, the new version of the overclocking firmware released by Bitmain Ant Miner can increase mining revenue by 38.21% and profit by 40.96% compared with the standard version. At the current currency price, a 40% increase in income means a difference between life and death for miners. However, according to the official announcement, after upgrading the new version of the firmware, the miner only supports access to the ant pool for mining. Coin weight mining pool co-founder Zhu Qian said that Bitmain is using its dominant position in the mining machine industry to suppress mining pool competitors. Zhu Qian said that the sales staff of the ant mine pool is using firmware upgrade marketing to persuade customers to switch to the ant mine pool. It is estimated that, due to the monopoly of the ant mining pool on the new firmware, hundreds of P hashpower has flowed out of the coin printing mine pool, and the potential impact may reach 2-3E hashrate (1E = 1024P). In response, CoinPrint has also obtained overclocking firmware from third parties.