Zhejiang Shuqin Technology announced the completion of the PreA round of tens of millions of yuan, with Big Data + Blockchain as the main track

Zhejiang Shuqin Technology announced the completion of a PreA round of tens of millions of yuan. This round of financing was led by a number of industry investors, financial industry leaders and koala funds. Some angel investors followed suit. So far, Shuqin Technology has completed two rounds of financing, with a total financing amount of more than 100 million yuan. The founding team of Shuqin Technology is one of the earliest blockchain entrepreneurial teams in China. Since 2013, it has researched encrypted digital currencies. In 2014, it began to explore the underlying technology and applications of the blockchain. For the concept, the one-stop data rights solution Baoquan.com and Baochain 1.0 were released; the VERAXChain alliance chain was released in 2017; and the trusted big data exchange platform based on blockchain smart contracts was released in 2018. “Finance platform”, is committed to making data become the basic production materials like oil flow, to achieve data compliance exchange and value realization; in 2019, the hybrid blockchain technology architecture was released, taking into account the advantages of the public chain and the alliance chain. The commercial application of blockchain provides a reliable technical solution. This self-developed technology has also passed the blockchain evaluation of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Standards and CCID licensed chain. It is one of the few “domestic, autonomous, safe and reliable” blockchains One of the projects. Shuqin Technology takes “Big Data + Blockchain” as the main track. It has a solid underlying research and development strength of blockchain and rich experience in information project construction. Its products and services are in banking, insurance, finance and taxation, securities, government affairs, and justice There are already cases of actual landing in many fields such as, big data.