Huobi Wallet cooperates with Cred, users can get financial services

Huobi Wallet, a subsidiary of Huobi Group, announced a partnership with blockchain financial services company Cred (LBA) to provide financial services to customers throughout the Asian market. Users will obtain Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. through Cred financial services integrated in their wallet A series of financial management services for digital currencies. Huang He, CEO of Huobi Wallet, said, “We are very happy to work with Cred (LBA) because we have a common vision that is to make it easier for more global users to use our services. I believe that with Cred (LBA ) The team’s experience and achievements in compliance, our partnership will be further strengthened. “Huobi Wallet has been developed by Huobi Group since its establishment and has become one of the largest digital currency wallets in Southeast Asia, supporting 200 countries and regions And more than 1,000 encrypted digital currencies. Cred (LBA) is a California-based licensed financial services agency serving customers in 190 countries and territories worldwide.