Nervos Lu Guoning: Support for ecology will not be affected by market fluctuations, and will recruit more outstanding developers

Nervos Foundation co-founder Lu Guoning Daniel said in the participation in the Coin India and See Fengshui Live event that in the current market environment, there are not many teams that are really willing to spend 30 million US dollars to support ecological development. Nervos will Continue to firmly support the ecological support, and next we will pay more attention to the ecological construction with blossoms, and welcome more outstanding developers to join the team. In addition, Daniel also stated that CKB is a miner-friendly project, and the design of its economic model will ensure the miners’ income to ensure the security of the network. CKB has undergone changes from CPU, GPU, FGPA, and ASIC, and has now entered the era of ASIC. The emergence of ASIC will make CKB’s network more secure and decentralized. If GPU is used to attack CKB, half of Ethereum’s mining machines must be mobilized to achieve the purpose. The possibility is no longer there. According to, Nervos CKB is a multi-asset value storage public chain, which was launched on the main network on November 16, 2019.