tBTC development team Thesis completes $ 7.7 million round led by Paradigm Capital

Keepsis’s development team and venture capital studio Thesis completed a $ 7.7 million round of financing led by Paradigm Capital, with participation from distributed capital, Collaborative Funds and other institutions. Venture capital studio Thesis plans to launch tBTC products on April 27 this year. Previously, Thesis launched Keep Network in 2016, and Keep Network has since co-founded Cross-Chain Working Group with cross-chain financial service provider Summa. The group said that it has been working on a protocol called “ minimizing trust ” since 2018. tBTC, meanwhile tBTC will be the first major application launched on the Keep network. tBTC is an ERC-20 token, which is fully mortgaged by Bitcoin and can be exchanged at any time. Matt Luongo, the CEO of Thesis, said “plans to integrate with lending platforms such as Compound after the launch of tBTC.”