Decentralized prediction market Augur will release v2 in June and plans to integrate Uniswap v2

The decentralized prediction market Augur plans to release the v2 version in June this year. The official update of Augur on the official blog indicates that the v2 version will be launched in the first quarter of 2020. The main updates include: new UI, integrated 0x, integrated stable coin DAI, REP The currency standard was upgraded from ERC20 to ERC777, and a new mechanism to address illegal market risks. The integrated stable currency DAI is designed to allow users to use DAI as a settlement currency for betting, and at the same time, users can also purchase DAI directly from the fiat currency portal within the platform. Augur also said that the deadline for its v1 version will be extended to May 15, 2020. At present, the team is focused on further improving the Augur UI and conducting end-to-end testing of its smart contracts, and will do integration for Uniswap v2. Ready, Uniswap v2 is also expected to be released in the second quarter of this year.