Maker Foundation Founder: New Community Autonomous DAO Governance Framework will be released, suggesting that the foundation be dissolved within two years

MakerDAO and Rune Christensen, founder of the Maker Foundation, recently explained the latest autonomous DAO design framework and recommended that the Maker Foundation be dissolved within two years. The Maker Foundation has revealed that it plans to begin transferring its management to the community within two years and will publish a first draft of a new community-based governance framework next Monday. The proposed community governance framework contains three key elements: selected paid contributions And professional teams, Maker governance improvement proposals, and voting agents. Rune Christensen said that the draft will be released on April 6, and the community can continue to vote on it and make new suggestions. He also stated that “the Maker Foundation may take several years to fully dissolve. Prior to this, the Foundation will promote and oversee the governance design to ensure that its final dissolution does not adversely affect the performance of the Maker system.”