Venezuelan government supports healthcare workers during new crown epidemic

In response to the new crown outbreak, Venezuela’s current president, Nicolas Maduro, announced an airdrop of a petro token, Petro, to each healthcare worker. The airdrop will be distributed using Venezuela’s “Patria System,” a government-initiated platform that uses crypto tokens to issue bonuses and subsidies as an alternative to the bankrupt banking system. The price of Petro tokens is linked to the price of a barrel of Venezuelan oil. After falling to an 18-year low in March, oil prices have rebounded by 20% over the past day and are currently trading at about $ 27 a barrel. The minimum monthly wage in Venezuela is $ 3.61 plus a food stamp of $ 2.89, which is slightly higher for healthcare workers, which means that a Petro token is worth the equivalent of several months’ wages for healthcare workers.