Distributed technology will provide WaaS solution for Canadian developer blockchain foundation

Onchain Distribution Technology announced that it will provide a customized digital asset solution for the Canadian Developer Blockchain Foundation (CDBF), and provide a customized digital asset wallet solution (WaaS), including capital inflow, collection and management distribution. CDBF said it will adopt Onchain WaaS as its only digital asset management system, and said that the two parties will carry out more cooperation in asset value-added services. Distributed Technology claims that its Onchain WaaS adopts a triple security defense mechanism of self-developed Trustless security service architecture, full-step electronic signature, and FIPS 140-2 level4 “the highest encryption standard. CDBF is a Canadian native foundation established in 2016.It is composed of a group of people who love blockchain development technology. The core members are from many well-known universities and enterprises in Canada. According to Block123.com, Onchain (distributed technology) is a Chinese blockchain technology company. Founded in 2016, the company provides blockchain technology, financial technology innovation and industry solutions. China) institutional investment, and won the KPMG China Top 50 Fintech for 4 consecutive years