Privacy protection project Suterusu test online, can realize anonymous transfer

Privacy protection project Suterusu announced that the test network Suter Mirage Chain is officially online, and all users participating in the test can realize anonymous transfers based on zero-knowledge proofs without trusted presets. Suter Mirage Chain is developed based on Substrate and consists of three parts: zk-ConSNARK library, Suter chain and Suter Chain Client. Among them, zk-ConSNARK is a zero-knowledge proof code library designed and implemented for smart contract platforms. Smart contract docking provides proof of the amount of encrypted transactions and the identity of the user, including functions such as balance of amounts and proof of scope. Suterusu also launched the “Mirage Piloteer” program, inviting friends from all walks of life to participate in testing anonymous transactions through the Suter Mirage Chain.