Central Bank: Unswervingly Advance R & D of Legal Digital Currency

The People ’s Bank of China ’s 2020 national currency gold, silver, and security work video conference was held in Beijing. The meeting comprehensively summarized the achievements of currency gold, silver, and security work since 2019, analyzed in depth the current situation and challenges, and discussed Make key deployments. Fan Yifei, member of the People’s Bank Party Committee and deputy governor, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The meeting fully affirmed the achievements made in currency, gold, silver and security since 2019, including the steady progress in reform and innovation in key areas, and the steady development of legal digital currency research and development. The meeting requested that the People ’s Bank of China ’s cargo and security system be guided by Xi Jinping ’s new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics, and fully implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council. Service and management level. The first is to strengthen the top-level design, unswervingly promote the development of legal digital currency, systematically promote the reform of the cash issuance and withdrawal system, and accelerate the banknote processing business, issuance of warehouse guards, and issuance of funds. The second is to organize the implementation of market-oriented issuance of ordinary commemorative coins, create a convenient, clean, safe and harmonious cash circulation environment, improve the anti-counterfeit currency working mechanism, promote the research of currency history and non-standard gold and silver inventory, and strengthen the guidance of the coin market And management. The third is to pay attention to system governance, steadily promote the pilot of large amount cash management, and comprehensively improve the level of internal management.