Curv CEO: March 12th encountered the largest transaction volume since inception, but never downtime

Itay Malinger, co-founder and CEO of cryptocurrency institutional wallet developer Curv, stated during the first event of “Crypto Tonight” that Curv encountered the largest transaction volume since its establishment on March 12, but never went down It is worth noting that one of Curv’s largest customers is Genesis Capital, a leading lending platform. He said, “Our customers always need to optimize transactions based on security, liquidity and controllability. The extreme environment like Black Swan Day shows that market participants need to quickly transfer funds to the market or counterparties. Demand. Thanks to our customers, as they usually do every day (including the Black Swan Day), our multi-party secure computing (MPC) wallet service has optimized transactions without sacrificing security, ensuring that operational capabilities have not been affected. “Crypto Tonight” is a talk show jointly launched by Winkrypto, Lianwen and Yama. In the first event, six guests were invited to review the “Black Swan Day”, which saw the crypto market plummet on March 12.