Paradigm co-founder: market structure issues need to be resolved, but exchange fusing mechanisms are hard to come by

Anand Gomes, co-founder of Paradigm, a cryptocurrency institutional-level trading communication platform, shared his views on the plunge of the crypto market on March 12 in the first event of “Crypto Tonight”. He believes that there are currently market structure issues that need to be resolved, although Had called for trading all fuse mechanisms, but given the fierce competition between exchanges, it was difficult to reach some kind of consensus, because fuses meant a reduction in transaction volume and, similar to OPEC, no exchange would Trigger a circuit breaker, as this means that trading volume will only be transferred to another competitor exchange. The Paradigm platform has also been affected. He said that Deribit’s trading volume dropped by about 30% after a few days of market collapse. “But we see the increase in the CME trading volume of the newly added CME Group. I think the trading volume will remain in the coming months It will be stable until the Bitcoin macro environment and traditional financial markets recover. Global financial market dynamics have a significant impact because cryptocurrency trading is to a considerable extent retail transactions. With the advent of the economic recession, retail transactions will be adversely affected. ” “Crypto Tonight” is a talk show jointly launched by Winkrypto, Lianwen and Yama. In the first event, six guests were invited to review the “Black Swan Day”, which saw the cryptocurrency market plummet on March 12.