CasperLabs founder: mainnet launch expected in third or fourth quarter

Mrinal Manohar, the founder of the public chain project CasperLabs, said at the event of the AMA Satoshi community that CasperLab is currently integrating all tier solutions and plans to launch the mainnet in the third or fourth quarter of this year. Manohar believes that Tendermint is better as a Layer 2 protocol solution. The disadvantage is that as the base of the validator increases, the system speed will significantly slow down. However, when the Cosmos mainnet is released, it can be integrated as a Layer 2 solution. In terms of security, Manohar stated that CasperLabs has very strict security standards, complete Byzantine fault tolerance, mathematically proven security, does not rely on statistical or probabilistic security, and is immune to several DDoS types of attacks that have not been recently published. Impact, and a research report will be released shortly.