Weibo user information leaked, hackers sell user information on the dark web

The chain heard the news, and the information from multiple channels showed that Weibo user information may have been leaked. Hackers sold information including the user ’s real name, contact information, and address bound to Weibo on the dark web, and even “700 million Weibo data appeared on the Internet. Free Enquiry “link. The head of PayPal Labs and the former head of Ali’s blockchain department suspended the mirror and confirmed the authenticity of the news to Lianwen. Wei Xingguo, former director of Alibaba Group Security Research Lab and CTO of Mo An Technology, said on Weibo, “Many people have leaked their mobile phone numbers. According to their Weibo accounts, they can find their mobile numbers … Someone has found me through Weibo leaks. My mobile phone number has come to add me to WeChat. ”Some netizens reported that the leaked information involved many Weibo-certified stars, officials, and entrepreneurs, and even Weibo CEO Wang Gaofei ’s mobile phone number was leaked. Luo Shiyao, the security director of Weibo, responded: “The leaked mobile phone number was violently matched through the address book upload interface in 19 years, and the rest of the public information was captured online.” At the same time, Luo Shiyao said: “Some of the data was brushed in 19 After the internal abnormality was found, the mouth was blocked immediately. We called the police as soon as possible and passed the relevant information to the police after obtaining the evidence. At the same time, we have been tracking down the black and gray products sold online. The privacy of users is very important, especially It still involves the phone number. “

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