Nervos Developer Funding Program added three new projects, BlockABC and GrowFi, to be funded

Public chain project Nervos Grant Program Nervos Grants has added three new projects to obtain developer fund funding, namely One Chain CKB, CKB Web Auth from the BlockABC team, and UDT swaps from GrowFi. One Chain CKB is an SDK designed by the BlockABC team to solve the compatibility of the Nervos CKB chain in wallet development. It will provide a series of developer-friendly interfaces, allowing developers to quickly and easily build CKB transactions; CKB Web Auth is a series of ABCWallet-lite’s open source embedded wallet service, used to build a standard protocol for communication between DApps and wallets, and also provides an SDK that can communicate with iframes based on this protocol; UDT swaps hopes to create an automatic token exchange protocol on CKB , For the CKB ecosystem, to provide a UDT interchangeable liquidity pool. The BlockABC team was founded in May 2018, and has received 10 million angel round investment from Bitmain. GrowFi is a development team from South Korea that specializes in the field of DeFi. It is currently developing a series of DeFi infrastructures, including financing model Growdrop, interest derivatives, and DeFi aggregation. Lianwen previously reported that Nervos Network announced the establishment of a $ 30 million public fund to fund external developers to build on its blockchain infrastructure. Up to now, a total of eight teams and nine projects have received Nervos Grants.