Factom, a blockchain project with more than $ 16 million in financing, will go bankrupt and liquidate because it cannot continue financing

Factom, an enterprise-level blockchain project headquartered in the United States, is ready to begin bankruptcy and liquidation procedures for the company because it cannot continue to obtain the financial status of external financing. FastForward, who has invested more than US $ 6 million and has more than 90% equity, said Factom ’s largest investment agency, “Factom ’s board of directors has passed a resolution and now needs to start liquidating assets for the benefit of creditors without additional funds “. Factom was established in 2014 to provide an enterprise-level, developer-friendly platform for building blockchain solutions. It had raised US $ 140,000 by selling Factoild tokens in 2015. Since its establishment, Factom has raised nearly 16 million US dollar funds.