Non-custodial portfolio management service Balancer has liquidity of US $ 190,000 three days after launch

Three days after the official launch, Balancer, a non-custodial portfolio management service, has liquidity of US $ 190,000, distributed in 16 different liquidity pools, and has a transaction volume of US $ 16,000. The data shows that the liquidity distribution of the Balancer capital pool has a clear power-law distribution. The largest pool is 0x987d, accounting for more than 54.17% of the total agreement liquidity, and the tenth largest pool is 0xd59b, accounting for only 0.33% of the total agreement liquidity. The current largest liquidity pool 0x987d is allocated between MKR and ETH at a ratio of 75:25. At present, the composition of the liquidity pool 0x29f5 is the most diverse, and the weights of the four assets in ETH, ZRX, REP, BAT and DAI are 40: 15: 15: 15: 15. More than 84.5% of the liquidity pool provides 3 types of assets; MKR (42.4%), ETH (31.3%) and LINK (11%). The remaining 15.5% liquidity pool provides 12 assets. In terms of liquidity provider indicators, there are a total of 42 liquidity providers, 4 of which provide liquidity of more than 25,000 USD. The largest liquidity provider is 0x483f, which provides 31.4% of the total liquidity of the agreement. Most liquidity providers only provide 2 assets, and only 16.66% of the liquidity providers provide 3 assets. Earlier, Lianwen reported that the non-custodial portfolio management service Balancer has been launched on the Ethereum mainnet. According to an article published on the official blog, the newly released Balancer platform has a trading DApp and a liquidity pool management DApp, which support the exchange between any two supported tokens and the management of the existing liquidity pool. In addition, Balancer also has an intelligent order routing that can optimize transactions between all Balancer liquidity pools. At present, the DEX aggregator 1inch has started to obtain a small amount of liquidity from the Balancer, so far this has only been used for testing purposes. In addition, the Balancer team is also seeking cooperation with other DEX projects, including 0xAPI,, and Totle.