Dystopia Labs will host DeFi discussions online on May 1st

According to the news, Dystopia Labs will host the DeFi Discussions, a two-day online DeFi discussion on May 1. Dystopia said that the event is a completely free online event. Participating audiences can watch and learn from anywhere in the world. Currently, More than 50 speakers from Ethereum, IDEO, Nexus Mutual, 0x, dydx, Set Protocol, Uniswap, Optimism, Matter Labs, Opyn, Truffle Suite, Cosmos, Coinbase, Dragonfly Capital, Kenetic Capita, etc. have participated. Hsin-Ju Chuang, CEO of Dystopia Labs, said the online event is focused on “interactive learning” and aims to provide entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to develop better and more secure DeFi products. She also said, “I am very happy that ChainNews has become the official partner of the Chinese district to support the event. I hope to spread and lead the Chinese DeFi community to participate in the event, ask questions and learn new skills.”

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