Opyn’s first on-chain ETH put option trading volume exceeds 400,000 USD, and the second issue

Decentralized financial risk management platform Opyn’s first ETH put option has expired, and the total nominal trading volume reached USD 428,000 within 10 days. At the same time, Opyn also issued the second period of ETH put options, which will expire on April 24. The second period of ETH put options are the same as the previous period, and the exercise price is $ 100. Opyn’s ETH put option can be used to protect against the risks caused by ETH price fluctuations, that is, if the ETH price falls below the exercise price, you can exchange the ETH at the exercise price for USDC. The seller of put options, that is, the provider of USDC, bears the risk of ETH price decline, but it also obtains a return because it provides price protection. According to the official website, the current provider of USDC can obtain an annualized return of more than 30%.