Media: Baite Mining Pool under Universal Computing is in the process of clearing, its computing power has dropped significantly

Blockchain self-media Wu said that the blockchain said that, a Baxter mining pool owned by Universal Computing, is currently being cleared. Bitcoin computing power has dropped from more than 4000 P in early March to about 200 P at present. Miners are notified to transfer to other mining pools, and will develop mining in small currencies in the future. The media also said that Baite mining pools and are mining pools under the omnipotent computing power. The two major mining pools were ranked in the top ten, with their own computing power mainly. Most of the retired computing power will be transferred to another mining pool. The universal computing power is formed by several senior miners. One of the bosses is the original Jianan employee. According to the data of Miningpoolstats, the Bitcoin computing power of Baite Mining Pool was 190 PH / s before the deadline for publication.