ConsenSys reviewed the market price plunge last month, data transparency is an important difference between encrypted assets and traditional assets

ConsenSys used the data analysis tool Alethio to review the cryptocurrency market ’s plunge last month and found six main conclusions: 1. Ethereum ’s network computing power remained stable and miners did not withdraw; 2. Network transaction costs (Gas price ) Surged, but soon returned to normal, ConsenSys believes that this is due to the incentive mechanism of Ethereum; 3. The transaction volume of the decentralized exchange (DEX) has increased dramatically, and it is worth mentioning that the downtime is Zero; 4. The interoperable DeFi protocol allows users to interact between different platforms on multiple platforms; 5. The market has a demand for stablecoins, and the lack of DAI’s mortgage test the Maker’s commitment to complete decentralization, and also experiment In the near future, it is possible to use cryptocurrency-backed stablecoins; 6. Crypto assets are related to traditional assets, but data transparency makes everything different.