The central bank intends to promote the research and development of legal digital currency, and the stock market digital currency sector opened higher across the board

Last week, the central bank planned to promote the research and development of legal digital currency. Today, the digital currency sector of the stock market opened higher across the board. As of press time, Gao Weida has reached a daily limit, and Julong, Sifang Jingchuang, Omar Electric and Feitian Integrity have opened together. Huachuang Securities pointed out that the central bank’s digital currency may be launched after the epidemic. The digital currency pilot is expected to take the lead among the five major banks. The digital currency will bring new systems to the bank. In addition, the bank’s core system, database, ATM machine The banking software and hardware inside are facing transformation, there is also a need to replace personal mobile phones and other terminals and POS machines, and the issuance of digital currency will also promote the promotion of electronic bills. In addition, encryption technology will continue throughout the entire industry chain.