Poloniex will carry out the first TRON-based IEO project, but TRON has been litigated by lawyers a few days ago

Cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex announced the establishment of the launch platform Token LaunchBase, the first project to go live is the stable currency loan platform JUST based on TRON. In the JUST platform, users can pledge the TRON currency TRX to generate USD stablecoin USDJ, and another token JST in JUST can be used to pay interest or maintain the platform. TRON founder Sun Yuchen has partial ownership of Poloniex. Just a few days ago, the US law firm Roche Cyrulnik Freedman initiated a series of class actions against 11 cryptocurrency companies including Binance, Block.one, BitMEX, and TRON, alleging that these companies illegally sold digital tokens. Securities and deceive investors.