Slush Pool launches Braiins OS +, which optimizes the performance and energy consumption ratio of miners

The company behind the Slush Pool mining pool, Braiins, announced the launch of Braiins OS +, a mining machine firmware with enterprise-level auto-tuning capabilities, trying to solve the profitability problems caused by mining machine performance and energy consumption. Braiins stated that Braiins OS + is based on the open source Braiins OS, which has an additional unique automatic adjustment function of the mining machine, which can enhance the mining machine’s computing power and optimize the mining machine’s energy consumption ratio to improve the profitability of the mining machine. In addition, Braiins OS + also introduces practical functions such as SSH unlock, quick start, miner warm-up, fan control, native support for immersion cooling, and BOSminer + (replaces CGminer). At the same time, using Braiins OS + to mine in the Slush Pool mining pool can also get a 50% discount on the mining pool handling fee.