Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey donates $ 1 billion in equity in Square to fight the epidemic, test UBI and improve girls’ health

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced the transfer of a $ 1 billion Square stake (28% of total wealth) to a company called startsmall, a limited liability company, to fund the global new anti-epidemic. After addressing the epidemic, the fund will focus on girls ’health and education and UBI. All capital flows will operate transparently and be traceable. Jack said that the reason for choosing UBI and girls ’health and education is that in the long run, this is the best solution to the survival problems facing the world. Balancing girls’ health and education is crucial, and UBI is an experiment that requires experimentation. good idea. As a limited liability company, startsmall will dedicate all funds flexibly to develop various businesses. Grants will be distributed directly to the relevant organizations from the Start Small Foundation or the limited liability company. All transfers, sales and grants will be disclosed in the tracking form.