The Chicago DeFi Alliance CDA is launched, connecting the DeFi project and the Chicago trading ecosystem

Volt Capital, Jump Trading, CMT Trading and DRW Trading announced the launch of the Chicago DeFi Alliance (CDA). The first members include TD Ameritrade, DV Trading, Arca, dYdX and Compound. The goal of the alliance is to connect DeFi projects around the world with the Chicago trading ecosystem, which is a major financial center in the world known for its derivatives market. The alliance can introduce liquidity and professional traders to DeFi startups. Each DeFi startup will be paired with a mentor and undergo a four to six-week plan to understand the needs of the trading company for DeFi. According to Imran Khan, Volt Capital ’s general partner, the ultimate goal is to give these startups a clear understanding of the trading company ’s product needs and what resources need to be provided to attract these trading companies to join. At the same time, CDA also provides a channel for these traditional trading companies to understand DeFi.