FIO protocol main online, users can register domain names to simplify public key addresses

The FIO agreement announced that the mainnet has been officially launched, with more than 21 nodes composed of the community activated. For users who participated in the pre-sale of FIO addresses, all FIO addresses and domain names have been automatically assigned to the FIO public keys registered at that time. In addition, the registration process of the FIO domain name has been reopened, and users can currently register through the Trust wallet, and more wallets will be implanted in the future. The FIO protocol aims to reduce the threshold for new users to enter the cryptocurrency by abstracting the understanding of private keys and public addresses. Specifically, users can use “FIO addresses” similar to e-mail addresses. These “human-readable” addresses are applicable to any token, thus eliminating the hassle of using private keys and public addresses. The FIO address abstracts the public address, and the user does not need to view or even know the existence of the public address. Lianwen previously reported that the FIO agreement announced in September last year that it had received US $ 5.7 million in Series A financing, led by Binance Labs.