DappRadar: MakerDAO has the lowest coincidence with Synthetix users, and has continued to decline since the beginning of the year

The data analysis platform DappRadar, after cross-comparing the user address data of multiple Decentralized Financial Agreements (DeFi), found that MakerDAO users had the lowest overlap with Synthetix users, reaching a minimum of 3% in March. This means that in March, only 3% of all wallet addresses using the MakerDAO protocol also interacted with Synthetix. MakerDAO and several other DeFi user coincidence data in March are: Compound (9%), dYdX (11%), Fulcrum (9%). Compared with January this year, the decline was obvious. At that time, the degree of coincidence with MakerDAO users was: Compound (28%), dYdX (18%), Fulcrum (22%), Synthetix (6%).