Exchange Cryptopia users win in a $ 100 million asset lawsuit

New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia has been stolen and liquidated in recent cases. In the court’s ruling on how to allocate the remaining encrypted assets, the judge stated that users of the exchange have the right to use the assets they hold in their accounts. These assets will be classified as “properties” and they will be stored separately In a trust account. The other ruling is to allocate assets classified as normal debt to users and creditors. Cryptopia has more than 800,000 users with balances to repay, but 37 creditors and 90 shareholders have also been competing for their remaining assets. Shares. In January last year, Cryptopia lost more than 16 million U.S. dollars in assets after being attacked, and then announced that it would cease operations and let the accounting firm liquidate the assets. After the attack, the crypto assets held by Cryptopia are worth about $ 100 million.