Solana CEO: Sharding does not necessarily expand the network, Solana ’s greatest value-added will be the extremely fast settlement layer between chains

Anatoly Yakovenko, CEO of the high-performance public chain Solana, said at the AMA event of the Satoshi Satoshi community that sharding does help network decentralization, but it may not necessarily expand the network. Usually people think that the network expands as its capacity increases, but the cost of a transfer will be limited by the single transaction fee in a single shard, because the fee reflects the resistance of the shard to malicious behavior. If the cost is reduced to a certain point and the resistance is lost, the shard may be malicious and reach its maximum performance. Therefore, all applications on this shard will need to go through the lengthy and tedious process of moving to another shard. At the same time, there is another challenge, that is, the complexity of introducing network into the cross-shard communication. Anatoly Yakovenko also believes that cross-chain solutions are very exciting. The IBC and other infrastructures that the Cosmos team is studying may add a lot of value to the entire ecosystem. In the future, multiple blockchains may coexist, and they need to work with infrastructures such as IBC Interaction. At the same time, he also stated that Solana’s greatest value-added will be an extremely fast settlement layer between chains and an ideal platform for price discovery across all existing digital assets.