Overstock will airdrop OSTKO securities tokens to shareholders on May 19, with a total distribution of 4.37 million

Overstock announced that it will airdrop OSTKO securities tokens as dividends to shareholders on May 19th. As of April 27th, every 10 OSTK shares will receive one security token OSTKO. The airdrop will distribute a total of 4.37 million tokens. After the airdrop, these tokens are limited to trading on Overstock’s trading system tZERO. The exchange currently handles less than $ 10,000 per day. Overstock has currently registered the “dividend” with the SEC to ensure that the token can be freely transferred without being attached to the company after distribution. Overstock CEO Jonathan Johnson and Board Chairman Allison Abraham expect that the airdrop will increase tZERO ’s liquidity and value, and encourage broker-dealers to participate in and establish contact with the tZERO platform.