The first approved project of Nervos Grants has entered the test phase, and will realize the interoperability of CKB and Bitcoin network

According to the announcement of the Summa team, its Nervos Grants project Bitcoin-SPV Utils has now entered the testing phase. Bitcoin-SPV is a set of libraries for processing bitcoin and other chains for communication, supporting cross-chain communication, including exchange, relay and bridge. At present, I have written in-depth test suites for the code in 6 languages, and finally chose C language to test on CKB. The test suite will test the library’s stateless code (unit testing), as well as CKB scripts (integration testing). At present, it is relatively easy to write unit tests, including simple library tests. Next, Bitcoin-SPV will test the script by simulating CKB transactions. The cross-chain financial service provider Summa team is the first approved project team of Nervos Grants. It will implement Bitcoin-SPV on CKB, enabling Nervos CKB to interoperate with the Bitcoin network. This will help Nervos enter the broader market, expand its feature set, and gain new liquidity in the cross-chain market.