Law firm Beasley Law Office to sue MakerDAO on behalf of some users

According to the news, the law firm Beasley Law Office is soliciting information about MakerDAO users whose interests have been damaged due to the $ 0 auction, and hopes to initiate a lawsuit against the MakerDAO Foundation on their behalf. The firm invites the victims of the incident to provide their contact information, related experiences and loss introductions by email, and calls on everyone to forward this information to other victims. For each new forwarding user, the user’s name can be filled in. Into a Google spreadsheet. To date, there are 39 MakerDAO users in the form who provide relevant information. Beasley Law Office said the move was not intended to harm Maker, but to bring procedural justice to the victims. Lianwen previously reported that the cryptocurrency market experienced sharp fluctuations last week, and the price of Ethereum plummeted. A large number of loans on the MakerDAO protocol fell below the mortgage threshold, which triggered the liquidation process. Liquidators can obtain mortgaged Ethereum through auctions. The surge in Fang gas fees caused network congestion, and some liquidators won auctions with a bid of 0.

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