MXC Matcha and Sora Ventures reached a strategic cooperation, and will choose to launch projects based on real transaction information of Sora Terminal

MXC Matcha announced that it has reached a strategic cooperation with Asian blockchain investment company Sora Ventures. Matcha will select projects based on real transaction information on Sora Terminal and provide favorable policies for the project to launch MXC Matcha. In March this year, Sora Ventures and Paxos Trust, a U.S. licensed trust, reached a partnership to launch the Sora OTC Marketplace. Paxos Trust will provide services such as USD deposit and withdrawal, KYC process and compliance projects. Based on the real KYC information, Sora Terminal will be informed of the actual transaction status of the project. Sora Ventures was established in January 2018. It is the first digital asset fund in Asia. It manages tens of millions of dollars of assets. Its business covers investment, incubation, community and consulting. It has successfully invested in Mithril, Origin Protocol, Urbit, Immutable, Tari And many other well-known projects.