LatticeX Foundation Announces the First Batch of Grant Projects of PlatON Project, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Chengdu Electronic Science and Technology University Selected

The LatticeX Foundation behind PlatON officially announced the Grants program to the world, which aims to provide funding and development support for various high-quality projects that serve the LatticeX concept and focus on privacy computing. The current market value of the two special funds supporting the Grants program is as high as US $ 200 million, and the total amount of the first phase is US $ 10 million. At present, the planned Grants include: basic technical characteristics research, scalability projects, privacy-related projects, various types of tools, testing, security, cryptography, education and community, PlatON improvement, part-time development Wait. In addition, it also includes a special grants program for cryptography, covering a wide range of cryptography research projects. The first three teams to be funded by the Grants program are Shanghai Jiaotong University (cryptography project), Chengdu University of Electronic Technology (security project) and technical community enthusiasts (education and community project).